Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mother of all Updates....

Wow. How fast has the time FLOWN by since the holidays. I have been meaning to give updates and share photos that I took with my new camera. Well now it is February 9th. Photos are still on the camera or on my desktop. You all will get the mother of all updates with no visual stimulation.


Our dear, sweet little boy. His adoption birthday was January 2nd. Yes, that is right TiVO has been with us for an entire year! TiVO is 2 now! We have watched him grow up so much and learn so much since he as come to live with us. I loved every minute of it. I think we lucked out by getting such a sweet dog (well, he snaps at me when he is cuddling with Ryan.....we are working on coexisting on the couch). We hired a trainer for TiVO.....actually we hired a dog trainer to train us. He is doing SO well!!! Our first visit, we worked on walking with a leash, next to us. Not pulling so hard that it knocks us over. We also worked on "place" and "sit and stay". He gets assigned a "place" and he can't move from it until we tell him to do so. Ringing the door bell, treats on the floor, playing with his beloved Lucy the Goosey.....he has to say in his place. He is doing quite well! This weekend, we are doing session #2. I think this counts as #20 - Teach TiVO a trick or behavior!

Ryan and I also took TiVO hiking - #17 on the list! We hiked in Thunderbird Conservation Park. Five miles of nature....up hill. It was on New Years Day, the place was packed and TiVO liked the rocks so much....he forgot that we are suppose to be hiking. We will not be taking TiVO for a 5 mile hike again.


Ryan is super busy with real estate and all of his numerous projects. He has become a huge activist in Photo Radar (check out his website). He has been quoted and interview for magazines, news paper and TV. He is also doing quite nice on his diet. Lost weight, working out, sticking with his diet....I am very proud of him. Just changing a few bad eating habits, I have also lost 4 pounds!! We are tracking our progress with Wii Fit.


I am trying to keep this short and sweet.

101 in 1001 day list
#17 - Take TiVO hiking - Done!
#20 - Teach TiVO a trick or behavior - Done!
#96 - Give money to a random street musician - Done! Mya and I seen him while walking to lunch. He liked to talk. Cool musician though. He was playing the Native American flute. BEAUTIFUL! I like Native American art and def. can bond with the heritage.

I went to two new restaurants (sad thing...I did more, I just can't remember). Kabuki in Westgate. It is Japanese and Sushi. LOVED it. It is my new Stingray of the West! Also went to Revo Burrito on 32nd street and Camelback. Very good. I thought they we trying to be Chipotle. Furthest from it. Very good and very swanky.

I also hammered out three books. Lovely Bones, Gingerbread Girl (Stephen King) and Harry Potter (#1).

I am back in. Major drama with that, but I am in.

Wow! It is taking off. I had the bridal show Booth at the beginning of January. Mya....the fantastic friend she is, helped me. Again, no photos, but you can see hers on her blog. Also, the clothing line was launch, but I am going to have a whole new post about that.

Also, my step Grandpa, Wayne is not doing so well. It is very sad seeing someone who was taking care of himself, to not remembering his wife or kids and having being taken care of 100%. I don't do well in these situations.

I am really trying to keep this short. I will post more about my life and Dulce soon. I have other updates and challenges (note: I am going gluten free).