Monday, September 29, 2008

Bathroom Remodel.

Here is some photos of our master bath remodel. Ryan choose all the material. He did a fantastic job!
Bathroom in April of 2004

A few years ago, we did replace the medal pieces to brush nichol. We also replaced the lighting, changed the blah tile to granite. We also replace the faucets and the mirror (one piece, instead of two).

Construction Photos

Completed Bathroom, September 2008 (all but paint)

  • Granite
  • Light Fixtures
  • Faucet moved to wall
  • Mirror replaced with one-piece
  • Brass Closet replaced with Brushed Nickel
  • Double Shower Controls
  • New Tub Faucet
  • New Travertine floor with medallion
  • Chair Rail Tile
  • Frameless shower

All we have to do is paint and decorate!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Only in China....Talk about budget airlines!

Is this what the airlines have come too? Or is it a "only in China" situation? I'll let you be the judge...

Article from Daily Mail

Anyone who has ever used budget airlines know only too well how uncomfortable it can be: long queues, cramped seats and every tiny extra costs you.
But at least they are never told to get out and help push their plane.
That is exactly what happened to a group of passengers in China who were asked to get out and push after their plane broke down shortly after landing.

The Chinese Shandong airlines flight CRJ7 arrived safely at Zhengzhou from Guilin, but broke down before it could taxi to the passenger terminal.

Airport staff were called out to help push, but they had to ask some of the 69 passengers on board to help because the plane would not budge.

It took the group nearly two hours to shove the plane half a mile to a side lane.
One of the airport workers said: 'Thank God it was only a 20-ton medium-sized aeroplane. If it were a big plane, it would have knocked us out.'

The plane remained parked in the side lane on Friday night, waiting for technicians arriving on the next flight to fix the problem.

Eventful Week...

Completed my third week at the new job (I'll start abbreviating it as AP). This week was good and felt like things are falling into place. I feel it was a great move on my behalf. I just can't go on the Internet, but I am adjusting it the new schedule. I thought 7am (I have to leave my house at 6am) would be tough and I can never adjust to it, but I am finding it easier and easier.

I got my new car Friday!!!! It is so much better than I thought. WOW! Such a great car. I take pics later, but WOW. I am just shocked that I finally got it. I am so proud of it. The new design looks sharp and expensive. I choose the perfect, it is one of it's kind. I am the only one that has the options that I have with the color.

The bathroom is COMPLETED! FINALLY! It was a little harder on me than I thought, with all the dust and complications. But it just looks amazing. Ryan did such a great job on choosing the right materials. I'll take pics and show you all the before and after pics in another post.

Top Five Reality Competion Shows...

Those who know Ryan and I, know that we LOVE our reality shows. I especially love the competition ones. With a nod to my fav that starts tonight, here is my top five favorite reality competition shows....
1. Amazing Race - (CBS) How can you not LOVE this show. You learn about the world and see amazing parts of the world that you might not see. The competitors have to mingle with the locals, so you see that side. Ryan and I interact with each other by saying what direction that we would take or how we would have done it differently. We try to solve the puzzles. We find ourselves yelling at the TV for them. I just really enjoy watching Amazing Race, especially with Ryan.

2. Survivor - (CBS) A little less interaction here, but gets me excited to watch the challenges and watch the Survivors, survive. Jeff Probst is a fantastic host. He doesn't sugar coat things and tell you how it is, with sarcasm of course! Plus he is HOT. I am very excited to see them in Africa this season. It is such a beautiful place.....Gabon is truly the last untouched part of the world.

3. Project Runway - (Bravo) After watching these makes me feel like I can make a 3 piece outfit. Ok, I never have sewn before, but it gets me motivated to take on the sewing world by storm. Love the creativity, love the guest judges. LOVE Heidi Klum!

4. Top Chef (Bravo) / Hells Kitchen (Fox) - Yes, they are two different shows ran differently, but I love the equally. Like Project Runway...I leave the show thinking I can cook. It motivates me and challenges me in the kitchen. I like the yelling and chaos that comes with Hells Kitchen. I also like the competitions and creativity the comes from the kitchen of Top Chef. Two incredibly different shows, but both incredible.

5. Top Design - (Bravo) Now sure if I put this down because I currently watch it at the moment, but I truly love this show. I get TONS of ideas from it. I run to TiVO it see if it recorded ok. So That is why it made the top 5. This is the second season and it was a vast improvement from last season. Love the challenges, love the creativity.

Runner up shows included: America's Next Top Model, Apprentice, Big Brother, The Mole

BTW, I just wanted to point out that Bravo has three out of six shows on my list. Bravo has really upped their game and made one heck of a network.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So the last few weeks have been super busy for me:

I just said good bye to DEA. I was really sad.....I am going to miss the people and I am sad to leave them in the state that I left them in. It was bittersweet. The new job is a good move for me.

Ryan and I went to a friend's 'Dirty Thirty' birthday bash this weekend. She went ALL out in decorating her house. She moved furniture around....just went NUTS. But everything look great and we both had a FANTASTIC time. Ryan and I entered into a poker tournament. There was around 15 give or take people. I have only played a few times. Really! Guess who won third place???? Ya, that's right, yours truly. I won $40 bucks! Go me! Ryan actually won FIRST PLACE! I am so impressed with his poker playing skills. He is getting better and better. He won $200 bucks. Go DENKE'S! Poker champs. I am now super excited about our Vegas trip in October.

I did the invites to the dirty thirty. We wanted them to look like Vegas night club promoter flyers:

We are also remodeling our master bathroom. WOW, it is exhausting. I'll post all the pics later date, but here is a teaser in the mean time. This is the last picture I took. We still have a few more days. It is such a HUGE improvement. Ryan choose all the material. He did a really great job.
Dell Taco, btw is dead to me. The jerks decided to pull my favorite menu item off their menu. I am so upset. Those who know me....know I LOVE my fast food. So I hope you support me in boycotting Dell Tacos. They are offically removed off the top 5 list.
Next top reality tv shows. Start thinking of them now!

First few Days on the New Job!

First day was great! It went by so fast, but a bit overwhelming. I have to learn not only the industry, but the people and their names and personalities. I am also now on a MAC and I haven't used mine in a while, so it is re-teaching myself the shortcuts and how to use them. Overall, the company and the people are great. I have more work than I can handle.... I am up for the challenge! The negative is the hours at the moment. I need to adjust to them I never had a job where I needed to be at work before 8:30. At the new job I have to be there at 7am. It is already a challenge and I just started!

The 2nd day....WOW is all I can really say. I went to a photo shoot at 6:30am to help creatively direct it, but the Photographer was FANTASTIC and needed no direction. After that.....the owner/CEO/MD asked us (my new boss, Ashley and I) in his office (BTW, HUGE ASS office! At least 800 to 900 sq ft. HUGE! So nicely decorated in Copenhagen style furniture. I'll sneak a picture one of these days. HUGE!) Anyway....this guy has more energy than I know what to do with. He even drinks decaf drinks. He is brilliant and extremely smart. He is a lot like Ryan if Ryan had lots of energy drinks all day long. He wants this brochure thing....tomorrow! Ya....I thought the same the HELL am I going to pull this off. He doesn't give text....the just shouted them as fast as he could. I am writing as much as I can, I only got about 45%. I am a little overwhelmed. I know I can pull it off, but I want to be fantastic at my job and wow this moment, I don't feel that I can. I can't work that way. I don't know the industry that well to "fill in the gaps". I need to find a way that we can work together. I am thinking about purchasing a recorder or something. The CEO is just not the type to ask to repeat himself.....extremely intimidating!!!! So please, wish me luck and I hope to start to WOW people soon.

On another note....I went shopping and got a whole new wardrobe, complete with super cute shoes for work! Notice all the "patterns"? I am moving up in the world.

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Car, New Do, New Job

Busy week! I worked a ton of hours trying to prepare DEA for an interview for a potential job. I have my fingers crossed that they get it.


With much sadness, I decided to part ways with DEA. It was a very difficult decision, but in the end, I know it is the right one. I will now be working for a hospitalist company that staffs doctors to certain hospitals. The company that I will now be working for takes care of all the admin stuff for the doctors so all they have to do is show up and take care of the patients. They seem to really care for the patients and want to provide great service and great doctors. They are 2nd largest hospitalist in the world. They grew from 9 doctors to over 300 in 5 years.

Their HQs is here in Phoenix. Actually in the biltmore (right down the street from DEA). I will be doing all of their in house graphic design. Ads, updating their website, trade shows and day to day graphics that they will need. Oh, and the BEST thing....... I FINALLY GET TO USE A MAC! YAY!!! That just sealed the deal. I can't wait to see what they do for a Christmas party. My start date is on the 15th.


I let my hair stylist do what ever she wanted to do. I have been seeing her for years and her hair is always so cute. That is how I tell if they do good hair.....look at their own hair. So she wanted to go short and thought a bob would look cute. We agreed Katie Holmes bob would be cute. Then I remember....I liked Katie's hair a year ago....not today's bob. Michelle was on it....we were thinking the same thing. I wish I took photos the day of. Michelle does such a great job. I SUCK @ss at styling.


It should be arriving the 3rd week of September. I am SO excited. I just have to sell mine now.


I am selling my car. So if you know anyone want a car that gets great gas mileage, please pass the flyer along. Thank you!