Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top Five Reality Competion Shows...

Those who know Ryan and I, know that we LOVE our reality shows. I especially love the competition ones. With a nod to my fav that starts tonight, here is my top five favorite reality competition shows....
1. Amazing Race - (CBS) How can you not LOVE this show. You learn about the world and see amazing parts of the world that you might not see. The competitors have to mingle with the locals, so you see that side. Ryan and I interact with each other by saying what direction that we would take or how we would have done it differently. We try to solve the puzzles. We find ourselves yelling at the TV for them. I just really enjoy watching Amazing Race, especially with Ryan.

2. Survivor - (CBS) A little less interaction here, but gets me excited to watch the challenges and watch the Survivors, survive. Jeff Probst is a fantastic host. He doesn't sugar coat things and tell you how it is, with sarcasm of course! Plus he is HOT. I am very excited to see them in Africa this season. It is such a beautiful place.....Gabon is truly the last untouched part of the world.

3. Project Runway - (Bravo) After watching these makes me feel like I can make a 3 piece outfit. Ok, I never have sewn before, but it gets me motivated to take on the sewing world by storm. Love the creativity, love the guest judges. LOVE Heidi Klum!

4. Top Chef (Bravo) / Hells Kitchen (Fox) - Yes, they are two different shows ran differently, but I love the equally. Like Project Runway...I leave the show thinking I can cook. It motivates me and challenges me in the kitchen. I like the yelling and chaos that comes with Hells Kitchen. I also like the competitions and creativity the comes from the kitchen of Top Chef. Two incredibly different shows, but both incredible.

5. Top Design - (Bravo) Now sure if I put this down because I currently watch it at the moment, but I truly love this show. I get TONS of ideas from it. I run to TiVO it see if it recorded ok. So That is why it made the top 5. This is the second season and it was a vast improvement from last season. Love the challenges, love the creativity.

Runner up shows included: America's Next Top Model, Apprentice, Big Brother, The Mole

BTW, I just wanted to point out that Bravo has three out of six shows on my list. Bravo has really upped their game and made one heck of a network.

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