Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am SO excited for all the changes that Dulce is making. SOOOO excited. I am motivated! I have a goal in mind. I have lots of plans for the future of Dulce. This is not one of those things (like the blog and the triathlon) that I start and never finish. I have a goal in mind. It is my future, as well as my family's.

The kick off of the new and improved Dulce was the bridal show last Sunday. The Arizona Bridal Fashion Debut is HUGE. Over 600 exhibitors and well over 3000 brides and families.

HUGE. The day is so long. I want to give a BIG shout out to Mya. She rocked it and she helped me out big time. THANKS MYA!!!

I am also going to steal her photos of the booth. I just haven't had time to do this blog at my own computer. I sit down have have a million other things to do.

So new future, new look for Dulce. I have changed my color and theme. The colors are grey, white and a pretty light bluish, greenish color. Very clean look. I am thrilled. I am currently redesigning my website. Yes, I did say me! I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I feel like I can take on the world...one code at a time. It is a learning process for me, but I am doing it. Here is just a mini screen capture of part of the site.

Some of the new features of the site:
  • Professional photos!!! (being taken as I write this)
  • Slide show of the invites
  • Latest projects
  • Graphic design page
  • Apparel page
  • News updates about Dulce and the world of paper, design and invitations
  • I am also going to start a new line of stuff. It is in the line of the invitations, but a surprise! It is going to be cool and some thing fun. More about this in a month or two!
Other things for Dulce are new brochures.....hence the pro photos. I have also joined Association of Bridal Consultants.

With the new line coming out, the new website, new designs, new look and new associations, I truly hope Dulce can be where the company needs and should be.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You know you are old when...

...you can no longer donate your eggs anymore.

The age limit is 28 if you where wondering.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Straitjackets and Shock Therapy

So TiVO has issues. So we though....how can we help our little man? Of course, straitjackets and shock therapy since he is batsh!t crazy!

We got TiVO a head collar harness thing. When we take him on walks...he pulls so hard. All 30 pounds of him really is hard to control. I am sore afterwards and walks are so not what I was thinking about when I wanted dog. They are just not fun with him. Of course we live in a bunny haven. Bunnies are EVERYWHERE! Right now is full swing of the season and we see around 40 bunnies per walk. TiVO is hyper drive. He just pulls and pulls.

So one walk with the head collar....he is a completely different dog. No more pulling....well, because he can't. Miracle! A nice dog on a nice walk. Best $9.50 I ever spent! He does go in these crazy spouts where he wants the head collar off. He whales around and around on the ground. We just stop and wait for these episodes to finish. We did see his friend on walk #2..... Jesse James the Labrador (BTW, his older siblings are famous. One of the dog food brands used their photos for a marketing campaign). Usually TiVO likes Jesse James, TiVO walks up to him and swats him in the face. Then he attempted to attack Jesse. Like I said, batsh!t crazy!

We also purchase a shock collar. This was difficult to me. I was now a protective mother. I didn't want to shock him. I cried like a little sissy girl that I am.

TiVO is OBSESSIVE with the bunnies. He is attacking them in our bushes. He is destroying them. Do you remember the lump that we found? It was due to him chasing the bunnies inside our huge bushes. He is costing us a lot of money. Plus his is getting filthy. He comes in after bunny hunting in the bushes and he is covered in leaves, sticks, dirt and bugs. Of course he shakes inside our house! Lets not even go there with the sap. He is also digging. I am so done with is destructive behaviors. One hand, it is his natural instinct to dig and hunt, but on the other hand, between the vet bills and landscaping fees....I am done.

By the way, he has never caught a bunny.

So, the shock collar was introduced. At first, we told him no and buzzed a loud tone. If he didn't stop...we shocked him. I thought it would be a lot worse. I thought he would cry, but the shocks didn't phase him. He just had a one track mind...... BUNNIES. Eventually we turned it up and he felt it. He was scared of the bushes for like 24 hours. Then back to bunny hunting. Another dose of shock therapy with be prescribed this weekend.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have You Been on This Blog??

This has to be the best blog out there. I laugh so hard with every post! At the same time, I kind of feel bad for the guy. Twilight Widowers Anonymous

This guy has a wife that has to be the most obsessive Twilight fan out there. I REALLY like the saga, but this lady goes way over the sanity line. It is a must read blog.....I promise it won't disappoint. So if you are a fan or can't stand Twilight....you will be rolling on the ground laughing.

By the way.....he calls Edward: Pretty McSparkle! That has to be the best line.

Kudos to you, Mr. Twilight Widow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Inaugural Rant & Rave

Rant - People Who Hate AZ, That Are From Another State:

I am so sick of people who move to Arizona from another state and hate it here. Complain every second about how bad Phoenix is. Every little thing that happens, they compare it to AZ. "We don't do it like that in Boston." Uhhhhh ok, move back! They hate the drivers here. My rebuttal, how many Arizona natives do you know? Exactly, they are far and few between. Phoenix is made up of ppl from around the country, just like yourself.....so AZ drivers are not bad drivers....it is all these other a-holes from "So-Cal" or "Jersey" that move here. They complain about EVERYTHING! How there is no culture here, how the buildings look a like, how hot it is here (hey, dumb @ss, it is PHOENIX DESERT, what did you expect? Hawaii temps all year around?), how bad the education system is (ok, it is bad), how people are rude (again....AZ natives are a rare breed). Don't even get me started on the snow birds!

Overall, Arizona was established in 1914. Most East coast states was explored by Europeans in the 16th century. That is a vast difference. Yes, we had many settlers before that, but we don't have the two hundred year old libraries and the "culture" that you all want. We do have plenty of culture here....you just have to be open minded! Have you been to the Heard Museum? Exactly. you should check it out. You should start to call AZ home. I know you have lived here for the last 25 years and still not think of it as home. If you hate it here so much....why stay for that long? Why did you move here in the first place? Exactly....your beloved state isn't the best either. I am so sorry you hate it here. I wish you could love it as much as I do or just leave and take your negativity with you to your beloved state!!!

While I am on the So-Cal and No-Cal thing.....you drive me crazy! Your stickers stretch across your entire back window of your truck. I ask when you moved from Cali....your reply "When I was 3." WOW! You are representing a zip code that you are no longer tied too. OK! That is why we live in America. You can put what ever you want on your car.

Another think I hate about trucks....is those stupid bull ball things you hang off your hitch. You are NOT cool. You are a WT a-hole! Rant over.

Rave - Twilight Saga:

I know. I might be slightly obsessed, but Twilight has done so much for me. It got me into reading. I really, truly love the saga. I am now re-reading all the books. I was reading Twilight and Midnight Sun together. It is nice to slow down and pick up parts that you forgot or didn't understand. Also, big help with the characters on knowing them better. I wish Midnight Sun would be finished. I truly loved that draft.

So thank you Stephenie Meyer! You got me to love books and love to read. You also created an unbelievable love story that we can all relate to one way or another. However, you have ruined me for all other books. Nothing compares!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Way Too Long!

It has been WAY too long since I blogged. It irritates me because I have SO many ideas. I have countless photos of meals I was planning. I have the top 5 list that I haven't done in so long. I also haven't done my rant and rave blogs. I have been wanting to do them since I started the blog. Hopefully I get better, but my life is pretty boring!!!

So for right now, update time!

Ryan and I's one year anniversary was on April 26th. We had dinner....we talked. It was nice. We are hoping to plan a vacation soon. Hopefully one that doesn't include bed bugs!!

Again, here is a mini slide show of our wedding photos: http://chelsea-nicole.com/slideshows/jamie_and_ryan/ The photos were taken by the VERY talented Chelsea Nicole Photography.

Since it has been little over a year, I have to decide on what to do with my dress. Check out Chelsea's Trash the Dress sessions!

So now it is business time. I really started to think about the future and what I need to do. Babies will be coming in the next few years and I started to think about daycare and all the other expenses. Even in the immediate future, I don't feel my job as being secure.

So now it is business time! I am in FULL swing. I wrote down all the negatives that went along with the invitations. I was not making any money. They were SO much work. I hated wasting my entire weekend on the invitations. My machine was slicing through the paper. So all those negatives, I turned into positives! I know what works and doesn't now. So with that being said......I am going to make my business a full time job. I am hoping within less than a year, I can make enough to live off of. Support my future family. I am very excited! I have a great product.....I just have to be a better business person.

I have the bridal show in a few days. I am VERY excited about. This will be the testing grounds for the new prices and the packages. I am in the works for developing a sustainable package as well that uses soy ink. The metallic paper I use is recycled, but the thermography printing, well lets just say it not the best for the enviroment. Not the worst though!

Ryan and I have been playing a crap load of poker lately. We are doing pretty good. Ryan is reading poker books, I do what ever I feel the right move is at the time. We are developing our bluffs and action moves. World Series of Poker, here we come! We are LOVING it. I did pretty good in my last tournament. Out of 50+ players, I was 9th PLACE! Go me!

TiVO is just a great dog. He is still a little puppyish, so he gets into trouble alot. His fasinations are with the bunnies at the moment. And of course Ryan. He just looooovvvveeeesssss Ryan! Ok, I might be slightly jelous, but at the same time, I am happy he has found such a great home with us and loves us as much as we love TiVO!

So this blog is starting to sound like one of those letters you get with Christmas cards. Rant and Rave blogs, next!