Friday, June 5, 2009

Straitjackets and Shock Therapy

So TiVO has issues. So we can we help our little man? Of course, straitjackets and shock therapy since he is batsh!t crazy!

We got TiVO a head collar harness thing. When we take him on walks...he pulls so hard. All 30 pounds of him really is hard to control. I am sore afterwards and walks are so not what I was thinking about when I wanted dog. They are just not fun with him. Of course we live in a bunny haven. Bunnies are EVERYWHERE! Right now is full swing of the season and we see around 40 bunnies per walk. TiVO is hyper drive. He just pulls and pulls.

So one walk with the head collar....he is a completely different dog. No more pulling....well, because he can't. Miracle! A nice dog on a nice walk. Best $9.50 I ever spent! He does go in these crazy spouts where he wants the head collar off. He whales around and around on the ground. We just stop and wait for these episodes to finish. We did see his friend on walk #2..... Jesse James the Labrador (BTW, his older siblings are famous. One of the dog food brands used their photos for a marketing campaign). Usually TiVO likes Jesse James, TiVO walks up to him and swats him in the face. Then he attempted to attack Jesse. Like I said, batsh!t crazy!

We also purchase a shock collar. This was difficult to me. I was now a protective mother. I didn't want to shock him. I cried like a little sissy girl that I am.

TiVO is OBSESSIVE with the bunnies. He is attacking them in our bushes. He is destroying them. Do you remember the lump that we found? It was due to him chasing the bunnies inside our huge bushes. He is costing us a lot of money. Plus his is getting filthy. He comes in after bunny hunting in the bushes and he is covered in leaves, sticks, dirt and bugs. Of course he shakes inside our house! Lets not even go there with the sap. He is also digging. I am so done with is destructive behaviors. One hand, it is his natural instinct to dig and hunt, but on the other hand, between the vet bills and landscaping fees....I am done.

By the way, he has never caught a bunny.

So, the shock collar was introduced. At first, we told him no and buzzed a loud tone. If he didn't stop...we shocked him. I thought it would be a lot worse. I thought he would cry, but the shocks didn't phase him. He just had a one track mind...... BUNNIES. Eventually we turned it up and he felt it. He was scared of the bushes for like 24 hours. Then back to bunny hunting. Another dose of shock therapy with be prescribed this weekend.

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Mrs. G said...

Oh the joys of owning a dog. It will get better!