Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Way Too Long!

It has been WAY too long since I blogged. It irritates me because I have SO many ideas. I have countless photos of meals I was planning. I have the top 5 list that I haven't done in so long. I also haven't done my rant and rave blogs. I have been wanting to do them since I started the blog. Hopefully I get better, but my life is pretty boring!!!

So for right now, update time!

Ryan and I's one year anniversary was on April 26th. We had dinner....we talked. It was nice. We are hoping to plan a vacation soon. Hopefully one that doesn't include bed bugs!!

Again, here is a mini slide show of our wedding photos: http://chelsea-nicole.com/slideshows/jamie_and_ryan/ The photos were taken by the VERY talented Chelsea Nicole Photography.

Since it has been little over a year, I have to decide on what to do with my dress. Check out Chelsea's Trash the Dress sessions!

So now it is business time. I really started to think about the future and what I need to do. Babies will be coming in the next few years and I started to think about daycare and all the other expenses. Even in the immediate future, I don't feel my job as being secure.

So now it is business time! I am in FULL swing. I wrote down all the negatives that went along with the invitations. I was not making any money. They were SO much work. I hated wasting my entire weekend on the invitations. My machine was slicing through the paper. So all those negatives, I turned into positives! I know what works and doesn't now. So with that being said......I am going to make my business a full time job. I am hoping within less than a year, I can make enough to live off of. Support my future family. I am very excited! I have a great product.....I just have to be a better business person.

I have the bridal show in a few days. I am VERY excited about. This will be the testing grounds for the new prices and the packages. I am in the works for developing a sustainable package as well that uses soy ink. The metallic paper I use is recycled, but the thermography printing, well lets just say it not the best for the enviroment. Not the worst though!

Ryan and I have been playing a crap load of poker lately. We are doing pretty good. Ryan is reading poker books, I do what ever I feel the right move is at the time. We are developing our bluffs and action moves. World Series of Poker, here we come! We are LOVING it. I did pretty good in my last tournament. Out of 50+ players, I was 9th PLACE! Go me!

TiVO is just a great dog. He is still a little puppyish, so he gets into trouble alot. His fasinations are with the bunnies at the moment. And of course Ryan. He just looooovvvveeeesssss Ryan! Ok, I might be slightly jelous, but at the same time, I am happy he has found such a great home with us and loves us as much as we love TiVO!

So this blog is starting to sound like one of those letters you get with Christmas cards. Rant and Rave blogs, next!


Alicia said...

I just gave you a "thumbs up" on stumbleupon. Hopefully that will bring in more traffic to your website, equaling more business!!

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