Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Inaugural Rant & Rave

Rant - People Who Hate AZ, That Are From Another State:

I am so sick of people who move to Arizona from another state and hate it here. Complain every second about how bad Phoenix is. Every little thing that happens, they compare it to AZ. "We don't do it like that in Boston." Uhhhhh ok, move back! They hate the drivers here. My rebuttal, how many Arizona natives do you know? Exactly, they are far and few between. Phoenix is made up of ppl from around the country, just like AZ drivers are not bad is all these other a-holes from "So-Cal" or "Jersey" that move here. They complain about EVERYTHING! How there is no culture here, how the buildings look a like, how hot it is here (hey, dumb @ss, it is PHOENIX DESERT, what did you expect? Hawaii temps all year around?), how bad the education system is (ok, it is bad), how people are rude (again....AZ natives are a rare breed). Don't even get me started on the snow birds!

Overall, Arizona was established in 1914. Most East coast states was explored by Europeans in the 16th century. That is a vast difference. Yes, we had many settlers before that, but we don't have the two hundred year old libraries and the "culture" that you all want. We do have plenty of culture just have to be open minded! Have you been to the Heard Museum? Exactly. you should check it out. You should start to call AZ home. I know you have lived here for the last 25 years and still not think of it as home. If you hate it here so much....why stay for that long? Why did you move here in the first place? Exactly....your beloved state isn't the best either. I am so sorry you hate it here. I wish you could love it as much as I do or just leave and take your negativity with you to your beloved state!!!

While I am on the So-Cal and No-Cal drive me crazy! Your stickers stretch across your entire back window of your truck. I ask when you moved from Cali....your reply "When I was 3." WOW! You are representing a zip code that you are no longer tied too. OK! That is why we live in America. You can put what ever you want on your car.

Another think I hate about those stupid bull ball things you hang off your hitch. You are NOT cool. You are a WT a-hole! Rant over.

Rave - Twilight Saga:

I know. I might be slightly obsessed, but Twilight has done so much for me. It got me into reading. I really, truly love the saga. I am now re-reading all the books. I was reading Twilight and Midnight Sun together. It is nice to slow down and pick up parts that you forgot or didn't understand. Also, big help with the characters on knowing them better. I wish Midnight Sun would be finished. I truly loved that draft.

So thank you Stephenie Meyer! You got me to love books and love to read. You also created an unbelievable love story that we can all relate to one way or another. However, you have ruined me for all other books. Nothing compares!

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Jenni said...

OMG I am laughing my ass off about your rant!! AMEN!!
I'm an Arizona Native!! I love my desert.. its hotter than a mother effer but ROCK ON!!
and the bull balls.. ROFL,,
too funny.