Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eventful Week...

Completed my third week at the new job (I'll start abbreviating it as AP). This week was good and felt like things are falling into place. I feel it was a great move on my behalf. I just can't go on the Internet, but I am adjusting it the new schedule. I thought 7am (I have to leave my house at 6am) would be tough and I can never adjust to it, but I am finding it easier and easier.

I got my new car Friday!!!! It is so much better than I thought. WOW! Such a great car. I take pics later, but WOW. I am just shocked that I finally got it. I am so proud of it. The new design looks sharp and expensive. I choose the perfect, it is one of it's kind. I am the only one that has the options that I have with the color.

The bathroom is COMPLETED! FINALLY! It was a little harder on me than I thought, with all the dust and complications. But it just looks amazing. Ryan did such a great job on choosing the right materials. I'll take pics and show you all the before and after pics in another post.

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