Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So the last few weeks have been super busy for me:

I just said good bye to DEA. I was really sad.....I am going to miss the people and I am sad to leave them in the state that I left them in. It was bittersweet. The new job is a good move for me.

Ryan and I went to a friend's 'Dirty Thirty' birthday bash this weekend. She went ALL out in decorating her house. She moved furniture around....just went NUTS. But everything look great and we both had a FANTASTIC time. Ryan and I entered into a poker tournament. There was around 15 give or take people. I have only played a few times. Really! Guess who won third place???? Ya, that's right, yours truly. I won $40 bucks! Go me! Ryan actually won FIRST PLACE! I am so impressed with his poker playing skills. He is getting better and better. He won $200 bucks. Go DENKE'S! Poker champs. I am now super excited about our Vegas trip in October.

I did the invites to the dirty thirty. We wanted them to look like Vegas night club promoter flyers:

We are also remodeling our master bathroom. WOW, it is exhausting. I'll post all the pics later date, but here is a teaser in the mean time. This is the last picture I took. We still have a few more days. It is such a HUGE improvement. Ryan choose all the material. He did a really great job.
Dell Taco, btw is dead to me. The jerks decided to pull my favorite menu item off their menu. I am so upset. Those who know me....know I LOVE my fast food. So I hope you support me in boycotting Dell Tacos. They are offically removed off the top 5 list.
Next top 5.....top reality tv shows. Start thinking of them now!

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Amber and Brian said...

Those invites are AMAZING, and the bathroom's looking good!