Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The case of the Blair Witch Rock Pile: Solved!

The mysterious case of the Blair Witch Rocks in my backyard has finally been solved. There were these very bizzare rock piles forming in my backyard. Several little piles of rocks that didn't belong there. Every once in while, another pile would form. It just wasn't making sense. I didn't think Ryan was doing that. Who has that much time on their hands to go get the rocks, bring them in the corners of my yard and pile them in these mini piles of rocks. Each time I would discover another Blair Witch pile, I was getting more and more paranoid, my mind was wondering in all direction.

Well the mystery has been solved. Case closed. Paranoid thoughts over. Ryan and I left to go for a walk with TiVO and the second we open door, our neighborhood kids was on our front porch. Dressed in camouflage, with some type of weapon. Uhhhhhhh WTF are you doing on my property? Hiding? If they are that bold to do that, I am sure they would go in our backyard and do crazy stuff, like Blair Witch piles. So I asked Ryan about the rock piles. After a year (did I mention at least a year) of my mind running and crazy thoughts would merge. I finally ask my husband about Blair Witch rock piles.

"Oh, those piles, I did them." Ryan said casual.
"Uhhhh, really, why....WHY?" A entire year of emotions built up.
"I find the rocks that don't belong in the yard, stack them, and keep meaning to go pick up all the rock piles."

Blair Witch Rock Pile Case: Case closed.

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Mrs.AliciaK said...

Oh my gosh..I'm sorry but that was a good laugh for me :)