Thursday, March 19, 2009

Texas Hold'em Nicknames

Here are a few of my favorite poker derivative nicknames for your pocket cards in Texas Hold'em.

Single Cards

A: As-Nas, Bullet, Spot, Mastercard, Eye, A of spades: Death Card or Tax Card
K: Cowboy, Knight, Monarch
Q: Cowgirl, 2 Titties, Dame, Slut
J: Boy, Jackel, Valet, John, J-Boy,
10 (T): Dime, Bo Derek, Big Casino
9: Niner, 9 of diamonds: Curse of Scotland.
8: Fat Lady, Snowman
7: Beer Card, Hockey Stick, Mullet
6: A Boot, Sex
5: Five Spot, Nickel
4: Boat, Four Spot, One Legged Ace
3: Crab, Trey
2: Deuce, Duck, Dewey, 2 of spades: The Curse of Mexico

Pocket Card Nick Names

AA: Eyes of Texas, American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, Snake Eyes, Black Aces: Banditerna, Red Aces: Visine
AK: Big Slick, Big Ugly, King Aurthur, Korean Airlines
AQ: Big Slut, Mrs. Slick, Anthony & Cleopatra
AJ: Apple Jacks, Ajax, Black Jack, Hijack
AT: Bookends
A9: Rounders Hand
A8: Dead Man's Hand
A7: Slap Shot
A6: Mile High Club
A5: High Five
A4: Transvestite
A3: Ashtray
A2: Acey-Ducey, Little Slick

KK: King Kong, Gorillas, Knights, Cowboys
KQ: Royal Couple, If wins: Marriage (suited) or Mixed Marriage (off suit), Doesn't win: Divorce (suited)
KJ: Bachelor's Hand (off suit), Starkey and Hutch, Kojak
KT: Big Al

QQ: Ladies, 4 Tits, Bitches, The Prostitute
QJ: Maverick
QT: Cutie, Q-Tip

JJ: Brothers, Fishhooks, Jaybirds
JT: TJ Hooker

TT: Dimes, Audi

99: Pothooks, Wayne Gretzky, Popeye's

88: Snowmen, Racetracks, Two fat ladies

77: Mullets, Hockey Sticks

66: Route 66, Boots

55: Speed limit, Presto

44: Luke Skywalker, Black Fours: Dark Force or Darth Vader

33: Treys, Crabs

22: Ducks, Quack Quack

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