Monday, June 21, 2010

Checks off the old 101 list in 1001 days

I have a HUGE one I just completed. Read 15 Fiction Books - DONE!!!

Go me! Coming from a person that HATED to read. I now love it and a huge source of entertainment. I am really trying to cut down my TV watching. But, then again, I did name my dog, TiVO (BTW, he is the cutest and best dog EVER!). Work in progress.

The last two books that I read/listen to was. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and 1st to Die by James Patterson.

The Notebook: Well lets just say that I am not a fan of love stories. Maybe I am jaded, but it wasn't that special. It is a great love story, I will give you that, but I wasn't captivated by it. I wasn't excited to find out what happens. I did see the movie, but I didn't remember too much about it.

I think I need action packed books to hold my attention.

1st to Die: Loved it! It is the first book in the Woman's Murder Club series. Once you think you know who the killer is...Patterson gives you another twist. Good book! I am currently on the 2nd book and it's not as good, but still was excited to see what happens next. I should be finished with it today.

I did a few other items as well. In two weeks, I'll mark off a whole bunch more!!

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Adam and Ashley said...

I heart James Patterson!