Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last few weeks....

The last few weeks has been busy....

Last Saturday we had our annual Steaktacular party. HUGE hit. We had a lot of people show up, everyone seemed to have a great time. It was also a chance to bust out some of the wedding gifts and use them for the first time. Thank you to Mya for bringing the yummy cheese dip.

Earlier in the week, we had this big storm in the valley. We had micro bursts of wind that was topping over 60 mph. It knocked down an orange tree in our backyard. This is the 5th tree we lost in the last few years. Our RV gate was also damaged.

Ryan has been busy lately with real estate, in this market, it is strange to say. I am very happy for him. If you are looking for a very talented real estate agent click here to go to his site.

As for me...the biggest thing is my company (not the invites) is going down big time. They are laying off people and dropping their hours. I have been reduced to 32 hours. I am kind of sad about it. Everything happens for a reason, so I hope things turn out ok.

Both of my cousin's wives are due any day now so I wish them the best of luck during their labor and hope moms and babies will be healthy.

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PeasOut said...

I'm glad the dip went over so well! Thank you so much for having us!