Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"President Bush MADE me loose my house." Wow...REALLY?

Really? Come on people.... WAKE the eff up. President Bush MADE you loose your house? So, he FORCED you to not do research on ARM loans? He FORCED you to get a house you couldn't afford? He put a gun to your head and MADE you purchase a home you didn't do research on? Come on people! I am so sick of hearing people say "President Bush made me loose my home." I am not 100% defending the man, but COME ON! He has such a bum deal in the white house. He is just getting such a bad rap. Also, let me remind you that the power in congress is democrat for some time now. So before you go blame republicans for our economy.....take a look at yourself and the government. We have three branches of government for a reason. Three forces to make a decisions. The president surely doesn't make those decisions all by himself.

If you want the economy to change....you need to change yourself. Americans live on credit. We purchase EVERYTHING on credit. We buy homes that we can not afford. We buy SUVs (in the city...they cost so much, we never take them off the interstate) that we can not afford the gas, let alone the payments. Then, we get into an accident and sue the insurance companies because you hurt your back and it is a fast easy way to get a small fortune. That increases everybody's premium. You go and blow that money on stupid crap. Before you know it, you are back in debt....again. Not able to pay the premiums on your vehicle insurance. No wonder why foreigners hate Americans.....they have a really good point. We look at the next month, not look into the future and plan on our world/economy changing. We just see it as today and we thing that is how the world will be tomorrow. We just see that big ass SUV and think how cool we will look flying down I-17 in it. We need to start to look at Europe and other successful countries that found away to survive the world and it's evolving ways. After all, everything that thrives...evolves after time. If it is a mammal or NASDQ, it will evolve.........someday. We will always evolve to our surroundings. Good or negative.

So, one week away from the elections....most of you are just thrilled that it is almost over. Sick of the right wings and left wings duking it out at work or hearing the mud slinging on the television. It is one week away. I know most of you have made your political choice. I am not going to tell you who to vote for (just pursued you =) ). I will tell you to do research and see who you want to evolve with. Someone who wants the ever so generic "change"? Really people? You think a socialistic government will give you the change you/we need? You just see someone who is charismatic on stage....who tells you that we need change. I think to myself...."what changes has he done"? He has not authored one bill. NOTHING since he has been a senator. So yes, our world does need change, but we also need a leader, a maverick. Or is most cases and scapegoat to blame when they repo your SUV. I have voted for both republican and democrat presidents. I am very much in the middle of the road. Extream liberalism, in my opinion, is just not the way to go. Socialism and taxing the crap out of the citizens to give to the baby popping machines is just not the way to go.

We need a leader, a maverick. Individuals with experience.

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Catherine said...

Amem! I could not have said it better!