Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Six Months....WOW!

Six months....can you believe it? So I keeping getting ask....how is your marriage? First off, my initial reaction is, it has only been six months people. Overall, marriage has suited me just fine. I very much like being married to Ryan. We have a great relationship. We laugh, we joke, we have a great time. We have our own lives as well. Ryan has taught me so much about myself and the world. He taught me how to relax and have a great time. We both are naturally serious people, but put us in a room together....we magically become funny and less serious. Ryan has made me become a stronger person. I make decisions and not let people walk on top of me. Ryan has made me be the person I am proud of. He has stood by me when I was super sick and still told me I looked beautiful. Our marriage so far.... it's perfect for me! I am very happy and very proud of what we built and we have the tools to make it a successful marriage. We both understand that marriage is not 50-50. Marriage is 100% from both people.

For our sixth month anniversary....we went back to the place where it all went down. We went back to Vegas, baby! Ryan had a craps tournament. We gambled our ass's off! We had such a great time. I won a very nice fleece pull over. Ryan won a daily drawing of $150 from PH. We both got into a blackjack tournament in November. Which, I am sure we will both go to. Overall, just a fantastic time. We both heart Vegas so much!

To view a slide show: http://chelsea-nicole.com/slideshows/jamie_and_ryan/

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