Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

Last night was my first day of college....again. It is weird being back and starting all over again. I missed out on college campus life the first time around, so I think I'll get my fix with the community colleges. They have a student union where everyone is hanging out, playing pool and eating in the cafeteria. AIPX was like a office building and barely had vending machines. So I am liking the college campus life!

I had several questions going into school like "Do the kids wear backpacks?" "Do the kids all carry laptops?" Questions like that. I have been out of school for a VERY long time have have no clue what the "kids" wear/act.

The class it's self is just stupid and the biggest waste of my time. I feel like I rode the short bus to school. My first homework assignment joke....was to set up a gmail account and email myself and the instructor. NO JOKE. I am telling you.....short bus! The only challenging thing about this class will be if I can stay awake for 3 hours. Most of the people in the class feel the same way. However....there are some people that I think have never turned on a computer before in their lives. On top of that....they sat by me. So the entire time I am having to show them how to do something so simple as "right-click" or how to change a password or how to go to the "start" menu. They had no clue how to delete a folder or go to a directory folder. I don't have patients for that. It took this one lady and HOUR to change her password. AN HOUR! WTF! I told her that her password needed to be 6 characters long. She asked..."what's a character". It was like that for an hour. The teacher was even getting frustrated. Finally he said that he would create one for her so we can move along.....well that bit him in the ass later when she had to reboot. She knew NOTHING!

The next two classes will at least be very challenging for me and I'll learn something from them. More than how to "right click".

BTW, I got my backpack all ready to go several weeks ago. Like what you did when you where in elementary school. I am a dork.

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