Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Was that the last piece of pizza.....EVER?

So, most of you know me know that I have stomach issues. Lots of them. The docs don't really know what is the matter, so the chalk it up to IBS. It is a "catch-all" disease if they have no clue what is going on in your stomach.

I finally had enough. I am tired of the sever cramping and the bloating. When I talk about sever cramping, I am talking about falling to the floor, fetal position, sobbing. I do this several times a week. It drains me dry of energy and even self-esteem. Not to mention all the embarrassing times I have had with "IBS".

I finally went to my doc and said enough is enough. Find out what I have.

14 blood tests later (over a pint of blood drawn.....I am use to it). I am hopefully going to get some sort of answers. Whether I like them or not.

I am pretty sure it is an auto-immune disorder that prevents me for eating wheat and wheat-glutton. Who knows.....I'll I know is I have been stuffing down the pastas because after today, I might NEVER get to eat pasta or breads ever again. Anything with flour or wheat and several other ingredients that I will no long get to share with the world.

Pity party for one!

I decided to share my journey with you all. I have no clue who reads this blog, but I don't want to hid this from people, which is my usual responds. I want to help. I wish I had people tell me to go to the doctors, here is my symptoms. It is a VERY embarrassing subject, but I need to talk and not feel ashamed for what my body goes through to get rid of the foods I eat. It is not my fault (maybe my gene's) but not my fault.

Wish me luck!


Stacey said...

That is terriable Jaime! I hope they get you some answers soon, and I'm glad you're sharing it here on the blog, take it from me it's good therpy!

Patty said...

Good luck! I really hope you find some resolution. Eat up all the pasta and pizza now, just in case :)

Drew Kime said...

Good luck. And if you find out it is celiac (gluten intolerance) there are a ton of food blogs out there with gluten-free recipes.