Thursday, October 29, 2009

Items #56 and #57 Checked Off! Cake Pops!

# 56. Bring in donuts for no reason to share at work
# 57. Bake and decorate a cake

#57 - So I decided that I am going to make cake pops!!! They look so easy to make. Found out how to make wedding cake pops and cupcake pops. Well, as all my baking stuff goes.....disaster! I found out what I did wrong at least. Hopefully next batch goes better.

#56 - I decided to give my co-workers the disasters of #57 for halloween. They are editable at least.

I will try to improve this technique. After all, I still have to complete #44 - Become self efficient as a stay at home mom and make my same salary (build a freelance business). Cake pops are the new cupcakes!

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