Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adam Carolla

#35 - Go to a comedy club.

Ryan and I went to see Adam Carolla (radio host, tv host, writer, actor, comedian) at the Tempe Improv. I like Adam. He is smart and extremely funny. Adam Carolla is Ryan's man crush. Yes, Ryan has a man crush and it is Adam Carolla. Ryan idolizes the man. Thinks everything he does or says is funny. He started to do stuff, because Adam does it. One major thing Ryan does, because Adam does it is run red arrows. If the light to go straight is green and you want to make a left hand turn, but it has a red arrow.....Ryan goes through it.

Adam started off the show with his radio segment, "What can't Adam complain about?". Adam can complain about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! He had people in the audience shout out things. The first was Make A Wish Foundation. He brought up some good points about them. Also someone said cake. Any one who listens to Adam, knows he LOVES pie. Really LOVES pie. He started to argue that birthday cake is a germ encrusted thing. I completely agree now. Think about birthday cake. You bring it out with cheap, made-in-China figurines that you know no one washed. Then you have candles that everyone "blows/spits" out. He is SO right. Birthday cake is gross and I will not have the flu/cold smeared cake any more.

Adam put on a great show, complete with visuals and his famous stories. Most of all, he doesn't rub his success in your face, he shows how hard he worked to get where he is at. He even showed us his earnings for the last 20 years. BTW, his earnings went from $250 to over $2 million with several goose eggs in between. I wish Adam the best of luck and many more years in entertainment!

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