Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ryan and I went to Jamaica at the end of June (yes, I well aware that it is at the end of August). I started this post probably 5+ times.

Jamaica was BEAUTIFUL! Green stuff for miles and miles. Coming from Arizona, you forget how much of the world is GREEN! There was an hurricane that went over the country the day we landed. We missed it completely, no big deal, except the humidity the next day was a bear. I was not prepared or use to that. We would walk less than a block and be drenched with sweat. Nice and romantic!

When we got off the plane, we were asked by the locals if we wanted purchase weed. As did all of our bus drivers. On top of that, they drove like manics! I haven't figured out if China drivers or Jamaica drivers scared me most.

You also find out VERY quickly about "island time". So a "30-minute drive" will be two hours. Always add at least an hour to their time.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, my first. We drank, ate, drank and swam all day, every day. They were not cheap on the drinks by the way! They were mostly alcohol with a little mixer.

**Recommendation** for an all-inclusive resort, bring a large portable plastic mug. They fill the drinks in little plastic cups. I was told this, but didn't know what type of mug to bring. Also, men will need to bring pants with them for dinner.

We had several restaurant that we can go eat at. Each one had a theme. I think Ryan and I liked the authentic, Jerk Chicken Hut the best. It is what Jamaica is famous for. On the road sides, where ever you go, there are jerk chicken huts set up every where. You just pull up, al la McDonalds, and get a quarter of a chicken that was grilled on a barrel-turned-BBQ. The best food you will have!

We pretty much stayed at the resort. We left once to go zip lining in the jungle. We had a blast. I think there was 9 lines. I was mrs. scardy pants, but I truly had a great time. I just wish I had bug spray.
On our way home, our bus broke down. In the middle of no where. As you see in the photo....Ryan's BlackBerry still worked. Oh joy!!! He can't put it down for a second.
I did go snorkeling once. It was my second time ever. I FREAKED OUT! (Both times actually.) I am really not a fan swimming in the ocean. My first issue is, I am a nose breather. I can't breath though my mouth. Second, I have and issue with getting hurt. I am not scared of sharks, but I am terrified of something stinging me.

My first experience, My foot hit a bag or something and I panicked and was started going under water....completely forgetting how to swim.

Jamaica experience was not too far different. I was kind of doing ok, until I seen a jelly fish. OH.MY.GAWD! I freaked. FREAKED! I swam in the opposite direction of the jelly fish....which so happens to be over the top of Ryan. Poor guy, I pushed him under the water. He told me later that there was like 10 of them...I only seen one, but that was enough. I did continue on. I was proud of myself. I really tried. My heart was still beating as loud as it possible could. I didn't think it could get worse, until we went to the reef. That was nice, pretty, fun fish, oh, by the way, INCHES from me. They were covered in SEA URCHINS. They sting. I don't want to touch. I am glad I did it. There was unique fish and some really different formations I got to see. I love the ocean, I just don't want to be in the ocean. If I ever go again.....I'll need blood pressure meds.

Overall, it was such a wonderful vacation. A very relaxing and I enjoyed myself very much. Food was decent, the alcohol was plentiful, the locals were nice. The best part, I got to spend an entire week with my husband!

I loved it! Yeah Mon!
The jelly fish bay. It is also the same spot where I accidentally pulled off my bathing suit bottoms if front of a rather large crowd. Yes, I had a few drinks by then. Yes, it was only 10am. Don't judge.

Our rooms. Little cabanas of 36.

View from our cabana. Super close to the beach. We had a really good spot.

Our open air lobby.

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