Monday, July 14, 2008

Yangzi River Boat

Wow!!! DON’T go cheap if you do this tour. There are WAY nicer boats you can take. TRUST me. This is the part of the trip, I was not liking China. I wanted to leave. The boat was very nasty and saturated in mold. Our room was the most musky, moldy smell that I have every encountered. It was really bad, as well as the food. But when you go out and see the beauty of the river and its surroundings, you forget the smells and the horrible food. All you see is green slops for days and the locals growing their crops on the sides of mountain. Every foot was farmed for a crop of some sort primarily corn. It was just breath taking. We got to go off the “death boat” for a small day trip up a smaller river. We got to go on canoe looking boats and have boat trackers pull us up the river. It was an amazing thing to see. They worked so hard. They do this several times a day and only get around $10 per day. Tourism in China is down due to the Olympics and the Earthquake (May 12th). Especially in that area, tourism is down because we were pretty close to the center of the earthquake. We got to go through the Three Gorges. They were very neat to see.

  1. Our boat looked a lot like this one
  2. A huge cave
  3. River view from the boat
  4. View of the smaller river
  5. Hill side crops
  6. Another river view
  7. One of the Three Gorges
  8. A canoe boat with fellow Chinese tourists
  9. Captain of our canoe boat
  10. Boat Tracker
  11. More Boat Trackers. They wear shoes made of rope. They have done so for centuries.
  12. Boat Tracker taking a break. Most of the Trackers were elderly.
  13. PULL!!! They did a great job.
  14. Ryan and I at a top of a summit on the Yangzi River. We were just happy to be out of our “death boat”.

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