Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Business Plan!

So the invitations was a love / hate relationship. I really LOVED the idea of them.....hate the idea of putting them together. It got to the point....I would just freak out of the idea getting a client. Overall, I wasn't making money on the labor side of it. I did a spread sheet (which I hated in itself...Ryan made me do it....fought him every step of the way). The hours I spent, the drama. I just wasn't making money.

So my new plan is to market them as DIY (Do It Yourself). I will provide all the supplies....the brides will put them together themselves. I will only market ones they can do and need very little guidance.

I am very stoked at my idea and hope that I can make this profitable. Make them enjoyable again.

Off to make a business plan and pricing sheet!!!!!


PeasOut said...

I wonder if you could do a combination of the two. Offer them as DIY, but for the Brides who don't want to do it themselves, charge them up the wazoo for the labor.OR refer them to your trusty invitation assembly assisstant ::hint hint:: and they can pay for the labor separately. That way, you aren't stressing yourself out unneccesarily, but you aren't losing the non-DIY brides either.

Just a thought...

Lisa said...

Thats a great idea!