Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wall Street Journal, Valium and Lumps - Updates

First off.....Ryan was quoted in WALL STREET JOURNAL! How cool is that! He has been working SO hard on Photo Radar Scam dot com. He has researched the subject and put together a pretty neat website. It has articles that have been published, ways to get around photo radar cameras and what to do if you received a ticket. He is VERY passionate on the subject. So if you are for or against the cameras, go on and read the articles! You need to get informed on the subject!

To read the Wall Street Journal article, click here! Yay for Ryan and Photo Radar Scam dot com!

On to me. On Tuesday I started my teeth process. LONG story about my dental issues, but I am finally starting the process. It is going to take about 2.5 years to complete, more money than I have, but in the end, I am going to be extremely happy and have the smile I wanted when I was 9.

Tuesday's appointment was better in one way, bad in another. I have extreme anxiety when it comes to dentists. Tuesday's appointment was going to be a biggie. I received Valium and nitrous oxide (laughing gas), not to mention I just ate Chick-Fil-A. I guess they don't go well together and lets just say I had nothing left in my stomach after the appointment! The good news is, the first appointment went well. I only remember bits and pieces. I am in pain. My teeth at the moment are EXTREMELY sensitive and have to drink out of a straw. Hopefully the soreness goes away soon.

Here is a quick schedule of what is to come (without going into detail):

Tuesday's: Removal of bridges, Gum and other teeth check, minor restoration
Beginning of May: Semi permanent bridge on, minor gum restoration
Middle of May: BRACES! I can't believe I am getting braces on again. I should be a better patient as an adult than I was as a teenager know-it-all. The braces will be on for around one and half years to two years....possibly longer.
After braces: Start the implant process. Titanium rod / bone, you get the picture. Possible bone graph.
Implant part two: More drilling, more drama. Gum graph.
Implant part three: Rod extender.
Final: Dentist will put on the final crowns and bridges.

Ok, so I went into detail. Freaked everyone out. It is not going to be pretty. PLEASE bare with me for the next few years. I'll be under construction.

On to the lumps. So our fantastic dog, TiVO has a lump on his side. It has grown in the last few weeks. I am worried. I hope it is nothing. Ryan is taking him to the vet this afternoon. Poor little man! I'll update later on.

TiVO has been really good. We (actually Ryan) installed a doggie door. He loves it. He sticks his head out all day. He doesn't use it often, just sticks his head out.....looking/sniffing around. He also like to torture the baby bunnies by running them off each time they try to feed. The crazy bunnies are still staying put.

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