Monday, November 16, 2009

5 Questions Friday

I was so busy this weekend....I didn't get a chance to do the 5 Questions Friday.

1. What is your favorite "eat" on Thanksgiving?

I love me some mash potatoes and brown turkey gravy. I am not talking about the instant powered want the ones with the occasional lumps of potato. I drowned my potatoes, turkey and stuffing in gravy.
I also heart my grandmother's banana cream pie. I am very stingy when it comes to this pie. I HATE sharing it! I want the WHOLE pie for myself. I do and have thrown a monster, 3 year old type of fit when someone comes in-between my pie and me.

Thanksgiving is all about sharing....except when it comes to my pies!

2. What is the name your best girl friend and the best trait about her or how you met (or heck, both!!)

Cathie. She is such a giving person and puts everyone ahead of herself. She is also extremely intelligent and very driven. I met her in college.

3. What would you say is one of your "weirdest" quirks?

I smell everything. Seriously everything well, except poop. No go smell for me.

4. What is your favorite genre of music? (Hip hop? Classical? Rock? etc.)

Alternative, rock, soft-rock.

5. Are you a Night Owl...or an Early Bird?

Use to be a night owl. Now that I am old and have to wake up before the sun is up....I am becoming an early bird. Getting old sucks!

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