Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am 30, Can I Still Like Twilight? Is That Allowed?

Good bye twenties......Hello thirties!

So yesterday I turned 30. I might not be happy about it, but what can I do about it? I think finally, 30 is an age I feel. Most people think they feel much younger than they really are. I however, have always felt much older. I always felt 30.

What do I do in my thirties???

I started off by throwing myself a party. A big one. I loved it. Except for my neighbors having a huge @ss wedding next door, beside the point, I had a great time.

Since I am too lazy to get the photos off my camera, I am steeling them from Mya.

My invites turned out fantastic. I used this paper for the outside shell that felt like "skin". I had a pretty bow that enclosed it. Here is the invite inside.

Miranda from Creative Cakes and Pastries made me my beautiful Sex and the City themed cup cake tower. All the cupcakes were martini themed flavor. I am in the process of designing her site. Check back in a few weeks!!!

I did purchase a very cute dress, but opted for casual. I wanted to be the princess....just not me!

So this will mark off my list: #38: Throw myself a 30th Birthday Party!

I also got a cookie bouquet from Cathie! AMAZING! And flowers from Ryan and Tivo. It was a great day!

101 list

I am still making progress....slow, but making progress!

#47. Read 15 fiction books (10/15)
I finished Duma Key by Stephen King. FANTASTIC! I am going to give the same line Ryan told me when I asked what the book is about. He said: "It is about this man who is an artist, moved to Duma Key." WTF?!?!?!? What kind of description is that? Well, I have no other description, there is no way to tell you what the book is about without giving anything away. Read it, you will see. It definitely has a Stephan King twists and turns.

I am currently reading Under the Dome by Stephan King and Harry Potter #4 (Goblet of Fire).

A few others that I completed was make a new friend, use cloth bags, and say yes. instead of no.


Lisa said...

I really really really wanted to come to your party : ( I hope Mya told you that. Your invites were the COOLEST things I have ever seen..loved them! So long 20's....

Jamie said...

Thanks time! I do want our Husbands to meet sometime.