Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yup, That's My Husband!

We know how anti-photo radar Ryan is. He has protested at the state capital, courtrooms. He has given statements at the capital and been interviewed by house representatives. He has been interviewed by newspaper and television reporters (even Wall Street Journal). He is an advocate for his cause. He believes they are unconstitutional. He believes in his his right to the first amendment. And no, he has NEVER received a photo radar ticket in the mail.

This is what my husband is up to yesterday.
He stood in-front of the camera so no one got tickets yesterday (read article here). BTW, he has video of the camera flashing and NO cars around. He also has video of the camera going off and cars NOT speeding. So think again if you think the cameras are ok. You might say, "oh, I never speed and I don't have to worry about that." Think again. The malfunction rate on the cameras is HUGE!

If you want more information in the war against photo radar and why they are unconstitutional, here is a list of sites Ryan is apart of:



(BTW, I designed and made this site....go me!)

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