Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Adopt or Not Adopt....

Ryan and I have been debating for months now if we should adopt a dog or not. We both really want one, but in the bigger picture, are we ready? There are several reasons why we should not get a dog.

1. What do we do when we go out of town?
2. Is it ok to leave a dog home alone for 8+ hours a day?
3. We have to install a doggy door.
4. Training.
5. Licking. I don't like dogs that lick. It drives me nuts. It also grosses me out when dogs lick people's mouths.
6. My allergy's. Yes, I am allergic, but not nearly as bad as they are around cats.

All these questions have legitimate answers and solutions. Dogs are a HUGE responsibility. I just want to make the right decision. Since we are adopting.....I don't want to relocate them again. They have been through a lot and don't need to be re-housed yet again or worse, sent back to the pound.

The four breeds that I like:

Beagle: I have been wanting one for 1o years now. They have been on my top list now for as long as I have known. I like them for their social behavior, as well as size, shedding and grooming. As well as they are super cute. I want a tri colored beagle.

Caviler King Charles Spaniel: Ok, I probably wont find one at the pound.....but you never know! I started to research them about a year ago. I seen a puppy in a pet store and never heard of them before. All that I have read, they seem very loveable and well mannered. They are also very trainable.
Or another type of Spaniel. A Springer or a Brittney would be our best choice. Ryan had one as a child and left an amazing impression on him. They are smart, adorable and very loyal. Great with pets and kids.

Dachshund mix: I LOVE Doxies, but I love it when they are mixed with another breed. Very lovable and intelligent.

Yorkie: LOVE them as well. They are the 2nd most popular dog for good reason. Very loyal and intelligent.

All the negatives in owning a dog, I feel the rewards are worth more. I would love the opportunity for a lifetime companion. We have plenty of space and lots of love for a adopted dog.

Please give us your feed back. We would love to make and educated decision on this. After all, the dog will be apart of our family for a very long time.


Marcia said...

Of the four breeds you are thinking of I would lean towards the Caviler King Charles Spaniel.

If kids are in your future a Yorkie may not be the best choice. I have read that they may not do well with young kids.

Beagles don't do well if left alone for long periods of time. The same can be said for Doxies.

You should give some serious thought to your allergies. You might be fine for an hour or two with a dog, but if it lives in your home it will be a big difference.

Why don't you try fostering dogs to see how it fits your lifestyle? Contact a local rescue and see what it takes to be a foster "parent".

I hope that helps a little bit.


Beau Papier said...

I have a doxie, and they are EXTREMELY hard to potty train! I have heard this from other doxie owners as well, and online sources. Our little Tango does just fine now, but there was a lot of heartache (and carpet replacement) getting here :] I also had a cocker spaniel and now have a maltese...the cocker was challenging, and the maltese has been AMAZINGLY easy so far.

I'd totally do it again though, they have awesome personalities and it was totally worth it. Not trying to talk you out of a doxie, just a little forewarning if you decide to go that route!