Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey, Vegas and a PSA Teaser

We got back from Vegas Sunday night. I am usually relived to be back. I can only spent a few days in Sin City at a time. However, I recover quite nicely and I want to go back ASAP.

The Black Jack tournament was a bust for me. I didn't make it out of round one. I was really sad. Ryan however, did quite well. He made it to the second round and barely missed out of going to the third round by $250.00. That is nothing. That is one hand of Black Jack. It is really hard to judge people's chips and plus, you have to guess what they are going to bet. Better luck next time!

We both have entries (a $500 value) to a Black Jack Tournament in March and Ryan has one entry in a Craps Tournament in February.

Ryan and I as always had a great time in Vegas. We gambled a lot. Ate fabulous sushi from Sushi Roku. We always 'bet' our dinners. We put $50 on red or black on a roulette table. If we win, we go to a very nice dinner with our $100. If we loose, we go to fast food. We won! We also got to see a few friends while we were there. Overall, we had a very nice time. It was so nice spending time with my husband! We just really enjoy each other. He turns into Vegas Ryan. I love seeing that side of him.

Thanksgiving was nice as well. It was really good to see the family. There was actually no drama! Crazy! A little out of the norm for us. Few comments were made, but I tried my best to let them roll off and move on. I wanted to enjoy the day. My two cousins had babies. Jay Browning is 11 weeks and Halle Jaye is 8 weeks old. SO cute. I held Halle for awhile....just the sweetest baby. Made me want to have one. I am trying to work Ryan over on getting a dog and he isn't budging....I don't think babies is on the schedule for the next few years. =(

My big announcement: As you just read, I am not prego. So get that out of your mind, but I have a big announcement to make. Hint: It has to do with Running, Biking and Swimming. I will blog about it in a few days, so please stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

The craps tournament in February--at which casino is it?

Jamie said...

Friend or Lurker?