Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Petwalk in Tempe was a lot of fun. Over whelming, but lots of fun. TiVO had a blast! I think it is good for him to get out and meet other dogs. He was intimidated by them I think, but he just wanted to check them out, then he could have cared less about them. After the first mile and half (it was a 5k walk), he was done. Just laid down in the grass. We stopped several more times. Poor guy, he was just pooped!

I am glad that several thousand people turned out for this great event. Lots of money was raise to help out animals in need.

Ryan and TiVO after the 5k. I am lingering in the background.

My grandma just adopted a dog from the Sedona Humane Society. His coloring looks a lot like TiVO. Hopefully they will start to adjust to each other soon.

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