Monday, January 12, 2009


Ok....'YAYS' might not be a word. I can't spell to save my life, and my grammar, well lets just say a 4th grader could do WAY better. But overall, this is my blog. Sorry.

So I have a few 'Yays' today to update you all on.

First off...... GO CARDINALS!!!

I know we are the worst fans of all. We don't stand behind you, support you, cheer for you. We don't fill the seats to games in our/your brand new stadium (it is super nice btw....I really want to do a "behind the scenes" tour). We are just horrible.....dare I say

I wish you all the best of luck and congratulations in making it this far!

Your bandwagon fan


He is just a little sweet pie. I need to take more photos now the cone is off him. He went to the vet on Fridays and the vets says he is in good health, minus a mild case of kennel cough. TiVO has been adjusting to us nicely, as we have been adjusting to him. He is getting more independent. He hasn't had any accidents in house. He doesn't chew on things he isn't suppose to. He doesn't jump on furniture. He is just the model dog. We are VERY lucky to get such a great dog! TiVO is however, in constant need of hugs and petting. He needs to make sure we are in the same room. He doesn't go outside for long periods of time, unless we are outside. 15 minutes max. He is very intelligent. I made up this 'hide -n- go seek' game and he loves it for awhile, then gets bored with it.

He is a little scardy pants though. He is terrified of his water dispenser. (It looks like a water cooler.) He is so jumpy around it and barely drinks from it. I am so worried about him, I am afraid he is not getting enough water. We are not sure if it is his reflection he is afraid of and/or the bluping noise it makes when he drinks. He is afraid of shadows and dark objects. He focuses on things that are not there, and if you come up on him too fast, he jumps. If he is really afraid and barking at something (like a vase or the George Forman Grill) he hides behind me. I admit, he is weird, but we are just in love with TiVO! More photos to come.....lots more.

BTW, yes, TiVO is named after TiVo, the DVR recorder electronic thing (one of the top inventions of the 21st century, in my opinion). He just has a capital 'O'. I told you that I REALLY LOVE my TiVo! It is my favorite item in my house. It is like my drug....if it is not working correctly, I have withdrawal like symptoms.

Ryan on the radio!

Ryan was on Talk Radio 790 AM today, talking about his site. He did such a great job! Spreading the word about photo radars and how the are unconstitutional. Once the station podcasts it, I will upload it. It seems they are a week behind.

There is an protest at the PHX capital today, as well as a press conference.

Great JOB Ryan!

Crisanti Quads!

They are doing so well. They are getting big and breathing on their own. I am so happy for the Crisanti family! (Click here for their blog).

Here is an article about them in AZ Republic / AZ Central. Some of the comments are pathetic, but the article was very nice.

Oh, no yays....but our hot water heater went out on us. I had to shower at the gym. NO FUN! It should be replaced/fixed today.

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