Monday, January 5, 2009

Meet TiVO!

Ryan and I adopted this ADORABLE dog this weekend named TiVO! We really lucked out. He is a cocker spaniel, around a year old. We think he is pure bred. We found him at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter, he was a stray. I can't believe no body came looking for him! We know he had a family, he was semi groomed and he is very well behaved. Especially for a one year old.

He has been a great dog so far. Only a few accidents in the house. He very intelligent. He picked up fetch right away. He wasn't bringing back the ball, but working with him just a little, he now has the hang of it. He LOVES to be loved. He wants to be hugged and petted constantly, so it is a red flag that he will have major separation anxiety. I can't blame just a few days, he lost his family, out on the streets for god knows how long. Then taken to the shelter for a few days then neutered. Now he has to wear a cone around his neck, shots, diet change. Very traumatic for a doggie! Overall, he is just the sweetest thing. TiVO will be very loved.

My Boys sleeping together

Yay! No cone for a few minutes!

TiVO getting to know the backyard

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