Friday, January 23, 2009

Three Weeks with TiVO

TiVO and his bones. LOVES them like he LOVES the bunnies.

Daddy.....give me the ball. PLEEEEESSSSE give me the ball.

Please? I'll be good. I want the ball.

What is it going to take for you to give me the ball? Want me to dance? Here is a little dance for you. Now give me the ball! (Yes, TiVO does get on his hind legs.)

Oh, crap, the ball went into the pool. Now what?

Belly rub time!

Old photo with his cone still on and pre-groom, but I just LOVE the heart on his nose.

Wow. I can't believe it has only been three weeks with little TiVO! He has been adjusting and getting more comfortable by the day. He goes outside more without us. He goes in different rooms without us know. Ryan and I are enjoying his independence. We are learning things about him all the time. We found out that he is scared of so much! He is TERRIFIED of his water dispenser. We have to hug him and pet him and encourage him to drink his water. This is all day and night. He barks at objects, like vases, ceiling fans and our George Foreman Grill. He is slowly getting better.

TiVO has also discovered the bunnies that live in the backyard. His life's mission is to get one. He spends hours with his nose to the ground, on the hunt for bunnies. He has now eating the grass and digging holes because they are flavored "bunny".

Last week TiVO and I went to Wags for Wishes. He had a great time and I wish he was able to participate in activities, they they included him to be off the leash. Not going to happen. He also got groomed. They butchered him, but they were sweet to him. I can't wait until the hair grows out.

This week, the three of us are attending PetWalk.

We are so lucky to have TiVO apart of our lives. We love him so much!

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