Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!!

BTW, my FAVORITE sushi place, Stingray opened another restaurant. In the Biltmore (24th Street and Camelback). I am a happy girl!

Back to the list....

#47. Read 15 fiction books: 2 more down!

Finished the 3rd Harry Potter book: The Prisoner of Azkaban. I can see why HP got so much hype. I do like the books and I will def. be sad when they are finished. They are easy reads and JKR really is able to build a character and captivate and audience.

Finished Stephen Kings - Just After Sunset. It is a huge collection of short stories (Stephen King's short stories are other authors novels). I liked some, others I thought would make fantastic movies. N was my favorite. I was about this therapist and we hear his notes on a patient called N. N has developed an obsessive compulsive disorder from a rock formation. Great story. There was another one called Hell Cat. Defiantly a work of S. King. I also really liked A Very Tight Place. After listening to the author notes on why he wrote this story (about port-a-johns), he really wants his readers to learn his fears and what motives him and his ideas. I was also really surprised by Stephen King's stories that are "normal". No horror, no crazy stuff. Normal stories.

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