Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Updates

Slacker...I know!

First off, my step grandfather, Wayne passed away two weeks ago. His funeral was on March 22nd. My poor grandma is DEVASTATED and that makes me devastated. I hate to see the ones you love in pain.

Since they come in threes...

My brother, Ryan's dog passed away. She was his world and a super cool dog! Smart as hell.

Then my step dad, Jeff's grandma passed away. She was 99 years old, just shy of her 100th birthday. She lived a very FULL life.


I went on a glutton free diet. The goal was to eat zero flour / wheat / barley / rye for one month. I failed miserably. I have a list of about 65 ingredients that I can not eat. They are in everything. I was set up to fail. I was doing great for 6 days but when I went to the funeral, I would have starved. I stared up again for 5 days and then went to a Mexican food restaurant and failed again. Come on....you can not put YUMMY chips and salsa in front of me and expect me not to eat them. Again, set up to fail.

My goal was to see if I felt better by not eating wheat. Did I feel better? Yes. Will I continue eating a glutton free foods. Nope. I can't. I hate the way I feel, but I can't starve and I zero will power to not eat the foods. I am going to cut down drastically on the wheat and try not to eat them Monday - Friday.

101 LIST IN 1001 DAYS.

Just because I am a super slacker on the blog, doesn't mean I don't do tasks!

#7 - Try 10 new restaurants.
Was...something, Sushi. I couldn't find their website. I am sure they don't have one. It was on 67th Ave and Happy Valley. Not a fan. The food was ok, but it was HORRIBLE service.

#7 - Baby's Steak and Lemonade on 83rd ave and Union Hills. FANTASTIC! They have great sandwiches and lemonade is to die for. Great service. Will go back!

#21 - Take a vacation outside of the US. BOOKED! We are going to......drum roll please.....JAMAICA this summer! I am so EXCITED!

#38 - Plan my 30th birthday party. I am getting very excited. I got my cupcake cake planed. Ordered the paper and ribbon for my invites.

#42 - Build a website portfolio
#43 - Build a promotional site. I started them....I am on the right path.

#45 - Renew my passport. DONE! Horrible photo though. I look like a drug mule.

#46 - Read three non-fiction books
#47 - Read 15 fiction books
I was told that Marley and Me is a true story, so I am going to delete one, and add that to the non-fiction books. I however finished a few more (LOVE MY KINDLE). Harry Potter #2 - The Chamber of Secrets - LOVED it. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King - Great story. It was about a little girl who gets lost in the woods with a Stephen King twist. UR by Stephen King - It was good, a little slow start. It was about Kindles a Stephen King twist! =) Right now I am reading Harry Potter #3 and a collection of Stephen King's short stories.

Other than the stuff I told you above....I have been going to school. I am really liking web design! I have been REALLY busy with Dulce stuff. Ryan and TiVO are rock stars!

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PeasOut said...

LisaP posted a recipe on her blog (chicken enchilada chili) that is gluten free!