Friday, March 5, 2010

Ten Guilty Pleasures

Question #1 got me thinking......What is your 10 guilty pleasures? Please share yours!
  1. Downloading free books on my Kindle / Computer. I refuse to pay for books.
  2. Nachos / Chips and salsa. LOVE them. I can eat them for every meal.....and I have!
  3. Chipotle. Some say I have a sick obsession with Chipotle. Just because I eat there 4+ times a week doesn't mean I need an intervention or anything. I just REALLY like Chipotle bowls.
  4. Watching reality TV, mainly competition shows. My favs are Amazing Race, Project Runway, Survivor, Real World.
  5. TiVO - The puppy. LOVE him. I spend too much money and I mother him WAY too much. I just really love my doggy! He brings me happiness and joy.
  6. TiVO - The DVR. My life would be boring and lifeless if it wasn't for the wonderful electronic. My second favorite electronic I own! (1st: Computer; 2nd: TiVO/TV; 3rd: Microwave.) Technology is wonderful.
  7. Vanilla Oreos. Enough said!
  8. Going to restaurants. I love them. I prefer to eat at them. I wish I could go every day. I prefer a restaurant meal WAY over home cooked meal. Even Grandma's!
  9. Paper. If you know me, you know I have to have the best and I criticize all the crappy paper.
  10. When the orange blossoms bloom. It just brings happy feelings. I try very much to do what I can to smell them.

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