Tuesday, December 15, 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days - Progress!!

#65 - Buy a "As Seen on TV" Item - Completed!

The only bad thing is, I bought it as a white elephant exchange item....so I can't say anything yet due to the blog stalkers in the family. It is half gag gift / half real present. I can't wait for the reaction....good or bad.

#4 - Send out Christmas cards for two years - 1/2 #67 - Make cards for friends and family instead of buying them. 2/5

I made all of my Christmas cards this year. I think they turned out super cute and fun! The theme colors were fire engine red with light green and matching envelopes in metallic paper. They have a little bow in front in the belly band. They turned out cute I thought. And yes, that is damask at the bottom. I like it and I am not afraid to admit that I heart damask!

Sorry about the quality of the photo. My camera has gone to electronic heaven. Hopefully I get my camera for Christmas!!! (Which takes off #60 - Buy a new camera. I totally forgot I had that on my list.)

#97 - Use canvas bags instead of plastic 2/15
Yay! I used them again! I need to keep one in my glove box so even if I run into Walgreens, I can use the bag.

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