Wednesday, December 9, 2009

#53 - Give out a “just because” gift to a friends/family

#53 - Give out a “just because” gift to a friends/family - COMPLETED!

I gave my BFF, Cathie an embellished business card holder. I know it sounds wierd, but I like business card holders and it usually isn't something people buy for themselves. Plus, she is just starting her own marketing business. GO CATHIE!!!!! The card holder is totally her. It is pink glittery thing with an embellished crown on it. I found this is not exact, but close.

I got it at Nostrums Rack! I also bought one for myself. Purple with a fleu de lis. LOVE THEM!

Another update on my list. Use my cloth bags for groceries. I had them in my car for over a year and only used them a few times. Even in the rain, I took a minute longer to get them out of my trunk. Let's just hope this is a new trend for me! Oh, Target gives you $0.05 back per bag. Every bit helps!


Stacey said...

Love reusable bags!

By the way Sprouts and Fry's do a $.05 off per bag deal as well!

PeasOut said...

I tagged you for an award! Check out my blog!