Monday, December 7, 2009

#7 - Visit 10 New Restaurants - NoRTH

#7 - Visit 10 New Restaurants.

Ryan, Cathie and I went to NoRTH. I LOVED it. It is fancy-pants Italian food. It is owned by Fox Restaurant Concepts. They created several restaurants in the valley and around the US. They are known for their upscale - modern designs that also translate into their food. A few other restaurants are Sauce, Olive and Ivy, Zin Burger, True Food, Wildflower and a few others.

I had their risotto with scallops. YUMMMMMMY! I wanted to be a person at Hells Kitchen. They always have risotto on their menu and I have never had real risotto before. My only complain was that the scallops was not cooked the way I ordered them. I ordered them medium and they came medium-rare. Ryan and Cathie very much enjoyed their meals. I give them 4 out of 4 stars!

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