Monday, December 28, 2009

My Holiday

I had a very nice Christmas this year. Relaxing and drama free! I loved spending it with my husband and family.

Christmas Eve
We went to my Grandma's home. She makes this FAB dinner. I look forward to it ALL year. She makes this incredible prime rib with all the yummy side dishes that go along with it. LOVED it! This year we did a white elephant exchange however, our family did not get the memo on the $5 price limit. So it was a little crazy with that part. With all the jokesters in the family....I thought there would be more "funny" gifts. Jeff (stepdad) gave an "old geezer" box. It was full of stuff older people might need. Canes, creams and stuff I don't want to imagine! It was so funny!

The rest of the evening was spent exchanging gifts, drinking and telling funny stories. Great, great night!

Christmas Day
I woke up to what has become a great Christmas morning tradition. Jeff makes this INCREDIBLE breakfast burritos. The sausage was fresh (literately....they bought a pig at the fair and had s/he butchard). Yes, that's right. Two fantastic meals right in a row. Then we did our next tradition....stocking suffers!!!! My parents go ALL out with these. Some useful, some, the same tradition every year. Any case, we love to do that. They gave me a WONDERFUL camera for Christmas!!

#60 - Buy a new camera on my 101 list! So I get to mark that off!!

Ryan's Parents gave me Wii Fit. Another fabulous gift that can help with #87 - loose 8 pounds. Great gifts padres!!!!

Ryan gave my an incredible gift as well. A Kindle. It will help me with #46 and #47. He is the best! I made out so good in the gift department this year!!!

My mom cooked a fabulous lunch. Super yummy with ham (yes, from the same pig) and all the yummy sides. Fantastic meal #3 right in a row.

After that, we went back over to Grandma's home to play some Wii bowling. I kicked @ss.

Overall, I had a WONDERFUL holiday. I am glad I got to spend it with my family, well except TiVO, my furbaby. We gave him special treats and a new goose toy. He LOVES it. I never seen him act this way with a toy. He has not put it down since he got it.

Hope all of yours was just as wonderful!


PeasOut said...

I'm so glad you got your Kindle! I know you really wanted it!

Jamie said...

I was very spoiled this Christmas!