Tuesday, December 1, 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days....Progress!

I have slowed down a bit, so I need to get focus!

#7 - Eat at 10 new restaurants. I have given up on Ryan participating in this, so I am going to "modify" my list to me trying 10 new restaurants. I am sure it is not allowed.

I went to K Sushi Bar Grill in Glendale with Mya for her belated b-day! I had such a great time with great people. The sushi was actually good and fresh. (I am kind of bratty when it comes to sushi....once you eat at Stingray....it is super hard to eat anywhere else.) The server lady was equivalent to the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. She yelled at us....we were scared. So I give K Sushi 2.5 stars out of 4!

Next new adventure will be: revo burrito in the Biltmore. Looks like it's the next Chipotle (my fav btw)!

#46 - Read 3 non-fiction books. I finished I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max. Funniest book that I EVER read. My stomach got a work out for sure. After I was finished reading, I swear I had a six pack from laughing so much. The book was all about Tucker's life as a drunk, arrogant, walking STD a-hole that beds more women than I have ever heard of. He is about the rudest person on this planet, but loved every word! He is a person I would like to have known at 22 (the age in my mind that he is stuck at). I would have had such a great time listening to his crazy drunk ass stories. They truly are unbelievable. Just read the "Famous Sushi Pants" story and you can tell where the book is headed. He started a website years before the book: TuckerMax.com. You can check it out and read some of the stories. There also is a movie coming out soon.

#47 - Read 25 non-fiction books. I just finished A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris....Sookie Stackhouse series, AKA True Blood. It is book 10 and yes, I did read all 9 other books. This book is several mini stories within the series. It tells about the "gift" that Neill gave her or Claude's bar. It wasn't bad. I still crave more.....but hopefully it will hold me over until May when the final book comes out.

Next, I started: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

#77 - Pay off my auto line-of-credit. With the help of my generous, intelligent husband....I am finally able to pay it off this week!

#78 - Open a savings account and start saving for a new car. I am planning on putting away a car payment every month. So in 3-4 years....I'll have enough for a new car without owing on it.

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